Five Things Good Divorce Lawyers Will Not Say To A Potential Client

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Are you looking for an excellent and affordable divorce lawyer in the South Bay? Have you interviewed with various lawyers but have no idea how to select the “right” divorce lawyer for your case? In addition to these tips, there are some statements that upon leaving a lawyer’s mouth should be taken as a sign that you should leave their office ASAP.

1. This case will cost no more than $(insert a ridiculously low amount here).

Understandably, I always get asked at my consultation how much the case will cost the potential client.  A majority of good lawyers will always say “it depends.” Any lawyer that provides a potential client with an extremely low figure with certainty right off the bat is A) being disingenuous and/or B) have not litigated enough cases to know that every case is different and may be inexpensive or costly or anything else in between.  It is entirely different if a divorce lawyer gives you a ballpark figure for your case.  We can estimate how much a case will cost based on our experience with similar cases in the past.  However, we cannot guarantee that our fees for a matter will cost a specific amount, unless it is a flat fee retainer.

2. I guarantee that I can get you everything you want.

Similarly, a good divorce attorney will not be able to guarantee the result of your case at a consultation. This is because each case consists of different facts and parties in addition to having a different judge and opposing counsel.  Any lawyer that guarantees the result of a case is doing a sale pitch that you should walk away from.  I generally ask the potential client for  three most important things to them in their divorce matter and that will be my focus for the remainder of the case.  However, this is not to say that a lawyer cannot tell you with confidence what issue will likely sway in your favor once he or she has carefully examined the facts and evaluated your case properly.

3. I personally know this judge and she/he will rule in your favor.

Such statement is not only unethical but it violates the Rules of Professional Conduct. Just. Walk.Away.

4. We are going to get your spouse for everything she/he has.

An overly aggressive lawyer may not be in your best interest because your case may be one that a friendlier, less costly approach should be employed for the best result.  It generally does not make any sense to spend $50,000.00 in attorney’s fees to litigate a case where the parties own less than $25,000.00 in community assets.  However, an aggressive approach should be utilized if the other party is hiding assets, not responding to request for documents or not acting in good faith.  (On the other hand, if you are litigating a divorce case solely to drain the other party’s funds or to harass them, then this is probably not the blog entry for you.)  The point here is that a good divorce lawyer has to assess the facts of the case and your needs/objectives to devise the best way to handle your family law matter.

5. I know what you want in this case.

Going through a divorce or separation is the most difficult and challenging thing to experience.  Only you know what you want out of your case and you will need to communicate that information clearly and directly with your attorney. An attorney who assumes to know what you want is one that should be avoided because he or she may not necessarily act in your best interest.  A good attorney should listen to your concerns and needs and act accordingly.

****The opinion above is not intended to be legal advice and absolutely does not create any attorney-client relationship between its author and the readers. Please consult an attorney for information or advice specific to your legal issue.****

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