I highly recommend using this law office. Anh is very knowledgable and straight forward. Being straight forward was key because I did not want to try to interpret her advice. Tell me exactly what you think and why so that I can navigate through an already stressful situation. She was always available and never wasted my time. Basically she’s a great person to have in your corner fighting for your rights.

Also I valued that she lives and works in the southbay. She understands the lifestyle and personalities within the area and that is very important when it comes to certain issues.

Overall she made a very complicated situation as easy as could be.

Regal Law assisted me in a family law matter. They were professional and supportive throughout the process and maintained good communication. Paperwork was filed quickly and the breakdown of costs and fees was detailed and reasonable. I am definitely satisfied with their services.

I searched for an attorney who could relate to my friend, was a no non-sense communicator and billed fairly. I read the reviews of Ann and contacted two of the women who had been represented by Ann.

Both said, “Ann was aggressive, did very well for them and very fair in her billing”.

I met Ann and asked her many questions based on my hundreds of situations trying to enforce and make sense and peace from child custody agreements while working as a Deputy. Ann was right on point with everything. Ann’s responses to my questions and concerns made me feel comfortable as a retired Deputy that my friend was in good hands.

Ann was patient and very understanding when communicating with my friend during the entire process which included a frivolous restraining order and difficult child custody agreement. I saw the billing sent to my friend and I was very impressed that Ann was very fair and honestly billed the small amounts of time for phone calls and emails where other law firms take advantage.

I highly recommend Attorney Ann Nguyen of Regal Law to anyone.

Let me list the facts:
Knows family LAW very well
Our family will not be represented by any other Attorney.
THANK YOU For your continued support of our family.

Anh was black and white… Facts are facts.. these are the laws… and here are your rights. I felt she was passionate about her job and eager to do it. She was professional through out the entire process and kept me on track/ focused when things got crazy. Regal Law Office helped me get the best support for me and my daughter with out going to court. Our divorce and my ex husband were difficult and not the normal situation, but she never made me feel that way. We established a strong trusting relationship and I am beyond thankful for everything they did for me and my case.

Going through a divorce is hard enough but if you are going through it, you want Anh Nguyen at Regal Law to be by your side. Her office is top notch. They always respond to my phone calls & emails within the day. Anh doesn’t “nickel & dime” you for charges like other attorneys and her rates are extremely reasonable. She combines her knowledge, honesty and caring personality in everything she does. I have referred her to my friends and they only have good things to say about her. I would highly recommend Anh for all your family law needs.

Advice to anyone thinking they can get through a divorce on their own: THINK AGAIN! Divorce is when the true character of the people you thought you knew rises to the surface like an ugly black sludge, and let me tell you, no matter what they promise you, it isn’t going to be pretty. Protect yourself by hiring someone who knows what they’re doing – if not to protect your assets, then to maintain your sanity. I highly recommend Anh at Regal Law Offices.

Going through the most difficult time in my entire life, I am so grateful to have had Anh in my corner!!! Throughout the utter chaos of divorce, I have been able to count on her to stand up for me when I was too afraid and emotionally blindsided to stand up for myself. She is extremely intelligent, intuitive and efficient. Whenever there was a concern she was always available to answer my questions and address issues as soon as they arose and made sure I understood what was going on. She was able to put my mind at ease.

Since Anh has been my attorney my legal and financial well being is looked after as if it was her own. For example there was an occasion where we were in court and scheduled to be the last case reviewed. (Our proceeding was estimated to take approximately five minutes.) I was thinking during that time “Great I am going to blow eight hours of retainer waiting for the judge to handle our proceedings for five minutes of court. Anh stood up at roll call and asked the court that the court review our proceedings first being that our proceeding would only take five minutes. The court granted her request and she saved me retainer hours and got me back to work instead of having us sit in court all day when it was not necessary. In addition to feeling legally protected I also appreciate prompt, informative and realistic answers to my questions and concerns. Having used the services of two law firms prior, this is the first time I have experienced such pleasantly positive results from a law firm. For less money I have received more legal service and quality results than I have before. Save your time,money and keep your self free of stress.

My first Lawyer could or would not finish my divorce, it took ten years and he never would finish. I got on to Google and started looking for Lawyers in my area. This is always a risk, but I had to do something. I found Regal Law and Anh Nguyen. She listened to me and started with the education of my troubles. She looked over all the history on this case and went to work for “Me”. I can not thank her and the staff enough for all the work they did. Yes, it cost money to end a marriage, but it cost a lot more if your Lawyer does not work for you.

She will work for you!

Regal Law helped me with my divorce and oncoming child custody issues. They are excellent and knowledgeable. I especially appreciate that my phone calls and emails are always returned in a very timely fashion! I have recommended them to a number of friends and clients.