What is Divorce Mediation and How Can It Help Our Case?

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Getting a divorce is a painful process but it can and should be in the hands of the parties rather than the judge’s.  Mediation is a method for a couple to resolve all issues relating to their children, support and property without ever having to set foot inside a courthouse.  Mediation gives couples total control in how they want to manage their case, divide up their property, arrange custody and visitation and even as to how much money they want to spend on the divorce.

The mediation process is quite simple.  It essentially opens up the dialog between the couple so that they could discuss all of their issues with a knowledgeable and neutral third party who then will help guide them into a decision making process of their own.  The couple will jointly make all decisions in their case.  The most important thing to remember about mediation is the cloak of confidentiality it provides to the couple during the most difficult time in their lives. California law provides that items discussed during mediation are privileged and confidential and the mediator cannot be compelled to testify at a subsequent hearing or trial about what transpired during the mediation.  Mediation affords divorcing couples with the privacy protection that they will not have should they decide to go to court.

Not every couple will be able to effectively utilize mediation as a mean to resolve their divorce.  However, in light of congested court houses and high legal fees, it is an approach that should be examined by all divorcing couples prior to embarking on an expensive and time consuming path to litigation.

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