Things to discuss with your future spouse to avoid a divorce

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In order to avoid a divorce, the bulk of the work began even before the marriage, said celebrity divorce lawyer, Laura Wasser.  In her interview, Wasser highlighted items which should be frankly discussed between future spouses before the marriage such as shopping, gifts, spending habits and even the possibility of a prenuptial agreement.

I agree with Wasser’s assessment only to the extent that it clarifies the party’s financial expectations as they enter a marriage.  However, most marriages do not end solely on financial disputes alone.  There are always underlying issues such as infidelity, personality clashes and relationships with family and friends.  To avoid a divorce, couples should not only do everything Wasser advised but also seek premarital counseling where they can discuss other issues such as sex, relationships, religion and children.  Moreover, they should continue to see a counselor during the marriage on an as needed basis to discuss any changes or developments that arise during the marriage.  A marriage, like the people it connects, needs work, attention and care in order to grow.

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