Modification of child support in California

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Guideline child support can be modified up or down depending each parent’s respective income, tax deductions and the timeshare arrangement for the child(ren).  The California guideline child support calculator can be found at

If you are a custodial parent who seeks to increase child support, the most important thing to find out is whether the other parent’s income has increased since the last support order.  Even if the other parent’s income has not increased significantly, other changes such as a decrease in the other parent’s timeshare with the child or their new tax deductions (such as the purchase of a home) may help you make a case for the upward modification of child support.

On the other hand, if you are a parent who wants to lower your child support obligation, you will have to demonstrate to the court either your own income has decreased, the other parent’s income has increased, a change in the timeshare arrangement or there have been other changes in circumstances since the  last support order.  For example, you now have a new child to support or that the other parent now have a different tax filing status.

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