Changing your mind? You can change your legal separation into a divorce.

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Did you file for a legal separation? Did you change your mind and now want to seek a divorce?  Fortunately, the process is quite easy in California to change your legal separation petition to a petition for marriage dissolution.  If your case is still pending, you can file an Amended Petition using Judicial Form FL-100 which can be found here   You should check the box that says “Amended” and also check the box that says “Dissolution of Marriage.”  You will have to file this form with the court and serve it on your spouse.  By taking this simple step, you will not have to pay an additional court fees of $435.00.   If your case for legal separation has ended, either through a dismissal or a judgment, then unfortunately you will have to file a brand new petition for marriage dissolution and pay the court fees again.

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